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ANZAC Day 2024 Oratory - Gareth McCray OAM
Air Chief Marshal Mark (Binny) Binskin AC : Reflections
Reflections of AVM Glen Braz. AM CSC DSM. Air Commander Australia 2023:
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26 Apr 2024


Our soldiers were paddling ashore in small boats in the early morning darkness. There was a loud noise and a bright light and the soldiers guarding the beaches woke up and started shooting at our men in the boats. There was a lot of noise. Men were dying everywhere. Many soldiers got ashore and started fighting back.
They must have won the fight because I saw some of them marching on Anzac Day
when I was little.
That is what I knew about Gallipoli then.
Peter D. Condon.
Cover design: The covers of the twelve-volume ‘Official History of Australia at War of 1914-1918,’ edited by Charles Bean, are described as being the colour of ‘dried red blood.’ T he same
‘dried red blood’ colour is used on the cover of this book, along with a lone bright light.
P S.
The introduction tells the story of how and why I produced the book. It is available for sale at, but being in colour and using good quality paper, it is too expensive for single purchases. Postage doubles the price. I then converted the story into an eBook, and it too is available for sale at lulu. Finally, I worked out that I would not make one million dollars for my effort so I started giving the eBook away to everyone in my address book; and I have repeated my post-out before Anzac Day for the past four years as an ‘Anzac Refresher’ read. Of course, I tell them that I will be asking them questions about Anzac Day the next time I see them. 
Peter C.

20 Jan 2024

The Classic: F/A-18A/B Hornet Aircraft in Australian Service

Selected in 1981 as the aircraft that would replace the Mirage IIIO as Australia’s new fighter, the F/A-18 would proceed to establish an un-equalled record of service as Australia’s most successful combat aircraft. Designed from the outset to deliver superior performance as an air to air fighter and a precision strike/attack aircraft, the Classic Hornet, more than any other aircraft, has shaped the Royal Australian Air Force of today.

Entering service in 1985, the Classic Hornet would become the foundation capability for a generation of networked systems and air combat capabilities. Along the way the F/A-18 would be subjected to the largest and most complex upgrade program ever attempted, anywhere. The aircraft would also lead the way in two of the most significant applications of combat air power by Australian forces since the Vietnam War.

Now retired from service, the full story of Classic Hornet aircraft in Australian service can be told through the experiences of those who dedicated their efforts to make this platform serviceable, work effectively or to evolve. Classic Hornets were on the front-line of Australia’s combat capability for more than 36 years. The story of this remarkable war-horse is a story of evolution, incredible audacity, innovation, survival and persistence unlikely to be matched.  

Can be purchased from BigW for $29 and several other Book Sellers.

14 Jan 2024

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10 Oct 2023


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